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Enchanticals - Marsha J West

Welcome to Enchanticals! I am Marsha J. West, a miniaturist (I work in scales 1:12, 1:6, and 1:4), an artist in various mediums, including assemblages and mixed media, a writer, poet, and the creator of Enchanticals, my shop at Etsy.

Yes, Enchanticals is a shop, but it is more than that...it’s a place where, upon entering,  you suspend your realities because this is where enchantment resides and is always afoot, along with magic, mystery, lore, whimsy, and fantasy. I create one of a kind fantasy, wizard, witch, fairy, spooky, and realistic enchanted handmade one-of-a kind creations in miniature (1:12th) dollhouse scale such as hutches and other furniture, miniature bottles of potions, elixirs, miniature crystal balls, enchanted magic orb wands, elementals’ bottles, enchanted wands, miniature accessories, fashion doll vanities and jewelry, and much more… All of my enchanted creations are designed and handmade by me with a dollop of enchantment, a pound or two of imagination, and a touch of magic. I work predominately in 1:12th scale.

My pieces are made with mostly found objects and/or natural elements  and are inspired by enchantment; fantasy; magic; runes; ancient texts and languages; Sacred Geometry; relics; time; fairytales; lore; enchanted woods; elementals; hidden and secret places; fog and myste; wizards; fairies; legends; mysteries unsolved; secrets, hidden places and things; nature; spooky and haunted cemeteries and places; birds, and butterflies.

So, please stop by and browse my shop, Enchanticals, and enjoy your stay. But, remember; leave your reality and seriousness at the door...


You can find Enchanticals or contact me at the following places:

My email:  www.enchanticals@yahoo.com

Etsy shop Address:


Alice Magazine:

I am the Etsy Seller Of The Month for March 2010 for Alice Magazine. Here is the link:


Flickr: Photostream:


Facebook Fan Page:


Facebook Profile:



Enchanticals was the featured miniaturist on December 16, 2009 in the popular Advent Calendar. Here is the URL so you can go take a look: www.minitreasures.pbworks.com/ac091216

Fantasy Artists of Etsy:






My Small Obessions.com: