Harvington Miniatures

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Harvington Miniatures by Dave and Pauline Williams

Harvington Miniatures is owned and run by Dave and Pauline Williams.

They proudly state that everything they sell is 100% handmade by themselves.

They started up when Dave was asked to paint a picture for a friends dolls house, well that was it, he was hooked, that was some ten or eleven years ago and they haven’t looked back once.

The one problem Dave had was getting the picture frames, the only ones available were imports, so Dave then decided to have a go at making his own, what a success they were and to date they have sold several thousand all around the world.

After selling his paintings all around the world they were shocked one day when the BBC got in touch, that was it, Dave couldn’t paint fast enough after appearing on TV, they had already done Miniatura, which was very successful and enjoyed it so much that they tried a few smaller fairs, they also soon realised that they needed more than paintings and frames if they were to make travelling to fairs worthwhile.

So they then started making many other things, Dave makes and Pauline paints them up, items such as flagons, fireplaces, book fillers, gravestones, taxidermy and much much more, they mainly work in 1/12th scale but they have occasionally made in 1/24th as well.

As Dave and Pauline moved along they invested and can now produce miniatures in metal, resin, acrylic, plastic,  wood and many other materials.

Amazingly although Dave will turn his hand to many things, everything he does is self taught.

One of their popular sellers is wood turnings, a friend suggested items for witches, what a success that has been, pensieves, wands, and anything apothecary, they spend many hours researching and Dave then does his best to replicate and get the scale right.

They now also produce their own jars and bottles, all of which are made by Dave, Pauline has been practising with clay and so far so good, filled jars and filled bottles are now on our fair table, bottles for the chemist shop plus the unusual as well.

Is there anything they don’t make, yes, houses and dolls they steer clear of, but they are willing to try anything, especially the unusual.

They do undertake the occasional commission, but only if it interests Dave enough to try making it, they have now also discontinued selling their own items to the trade, after illness in 2010 Dave has had to slow down, so now they are just concentrating on creating for their own business.

They will be back on the road and attending many fairs from 2012 and onwards.

Harvington miniatures can be contacted by email at smallartisan@yahoo.co.uk or through the email contact on their website.

Website is www.harvington.com