Court of Gypsies Miniatures

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Court of Gypsies Miniatures by Daphne Hardy

Like many miniaturists, my love for all things small began in childhood.  I was caught many times taking the drawers from my mother's antique furniture to use as make shift 'room-boxes' or cutting up my own dresses to make dolly dresses. Thankfully, my mother understood my need to create and wasn't harsh - instead, she re-directed my creative energies and taught me to create without destroying precious things while at the same time, teaching me to be frugal and think about things in new ways. 


Thanks Mom!

I work in 1/6 and 1/12 scales. Works range from sewing to wood crafting to scale florals and miniature accessories and furnishings. I love the design process as much as the finished product. I also make miniature teddy bears and other animals, miniature dolls and clothing for dolls, furnishings and soft furnishings in 1/6 th and 1/12 th scales.

Styles include Shabby Chic, French Provincial, Retro/Mid-Century Modern, Primitive/Country/Colonial, Gothic/Edwardian and Steampunk.

I'm a work at home Mom living in the Midwest.