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Dear Reader…

As you can imagine the whole process of re launching the new format has been both time consuming and challenging especially since our 'AIM' (if you will pardon the pun) was to offer the magazine for FREE and available world wide...

We hope that all the new changes we have made to the way in which the magazine is presented to you will enable us to provide the reader with even ‘more’ exciting content each and every month. 

Inevitably there have been queries from our readers and in response, the magazine team have put together the information below, which we hope you will find helpful.

We hope that you will continue to support us as we constantly expand and develop the new AIM magazine as a much welcome and FREE addition to the miniature world =0)On behalf of AIM’s magazine team, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have taken the time to contact us with your wonderful praise and positive feedback regarding AIM’s unique FREE magazine project !

It is very much appreciated by us all.

Bea (on behalf of)

The AIM Magazine Team


**NEW Changes** - How do I download a PDF version of the AIM magazine...

In order to safe guard current, past and future content we have had to make recent changes regarding the way that the PDF versions of the AIM magazine are offered to you the reader to download and for this reason direct PDF download links are no longer available..   

However, PDF versions of ALL the AIM magazines can still be downloaded, BUT if you wish to do this then you must first sign into Scribd…  

‘Scribd’ is simply an online document sharing facility / web site, through which the AIM magazine is securely published onto the internet.  Once you have become a member of Scribd, you can log in time after time and download any PDF edition of the AIM magazine. 

Scribd is a FREE document sharing facilitly and is FREE to join.

Full step by step instructions that explain how to sign up to Scribd and download PDF versions of the AIM magazine have been given below….

 1.  Go to the ‘FREE AIM magazine’ page and click on the cover image of the AIM magazine … This will take you to the full screen ipaper version of the magazine... 

2.  Directly above the front cover of the magazine is a navigation bar.  On the left hand of this navigation bar is the word 'more' with an arrow next to it.  Click on the arrow and a drop down menu should appear. 

3. Click on 'save document'…  After a moment (if you are not already a Scribd member) you will be redirected to the ‘Scribd web site’ and will be asked to either log in or join, as applicable... 

4. If you are not a member: ‘Click to join Scribd now’ blue text on the right of the screen... (OR if you are already a member 'sign in' on the left of the screen…then proceed to step 7 below) 

5.  Enter your email address, a user ID and a password, then click on the blue ‘Sign Up’ button  

6.  On the next screen you will  be asked further optional questions about yourself, but these can be skipped if required by scrolling to the bottom of the screen and clicking on the blue text - ‘skip’  

7.  You will now be logged into scribd and returned to the AIM magazine’s page with the front cover of the magazine displayed, with a 'scribd' navigation bar above... 

8. On top right of the navigation bar click on the 'download' button and  a drop down menu will appear with a symbol of the PDF format of the magazine shown on it. 

9. Click on the PDF link and save the file to a location on your computer as required. 

10. Please note that as the magazine is a large PDF file, downloading it may take a few minutes.


Is there any way this magazine could be saved to my hard drive for future reference?

If you download a  ‘PDF’ Version of the magazine you will be able to save it onto your computer as required... (Simply follow the instructions given in blue -see above)

Alternatively to save a copy of the full ‘Magazine Version’ follow the steps given below.  NB these steps apply if the magazine is accessed via Internet Explorer in Windows Vista

1. Open the full ‘Magazine Version of the AIM magazine – see link at the bottom of the page, this should then open it in iPaper

2. Click on File on the toolbar at the top of the page, select Save As then choose the location you want to save it to.

Here are the steps for downloading the AIM Magazine for a MAC using Safari:

2. click on : Cover image of the AIM magazine or FREE AIM MAGAZINE
 This will take you to another page with the cover image

3. Again click on: Cover image of the AIM magazine
    This will take you to the full screen ipaper version of the magazine...

4.  Directly above the front cover of the magazine is a navigation bar containing the words: Scribd   download  &  print.

5. Click on download
 This will take you to Scribd's site where you will create an account, or if you already have
 an account, you can sign in.

6. The page in Scribd you are on is an UPLOAD page, so you must click on the BACK button of your browser to return to the previous page.6. The page in Scribd you are on is an UPLOAD page, so you must click on the BACK button of your browser to return to the previous page.
7. Again, click on download.

8. You should now see it begin to download in your "Downloads" window.

9. Go to your "Downloads" folder and move the file to where you want it stored on your MAC.
(Many thanks to Judy R in Southern Oregon for providing the information above)

How do I print my own copy of the AIM magazine?

If you wish to print out individual specific pages of the AIM magazine simply down load the PDF version of the issue required.  Then use the print facilities on the PDF navigation bar and follow the steps as prompted in order to print out the pages of the magazine you require on your own printer.

Alternatively for the full Magazine version of the magazine, access the edition on the iPaper format and click the iPaper arrow just above the magazine window. A drop down menu will appear. Select print. Or if required you can print using the Print command in the File
menu on your browser bar toward the top of the screen.

How can I view issues 1 to 8 of the AIM magazine?

As the old monthly magazine’s format was not produced in the same way as the ‘New Look’ Magazine, the AIM Magazine team are going to 'repeat' most  key articles and projects from past editions: issues 1 to 8 within future issues of the AIM magazine - So rest assured you wont miss a thing!

Can I join a mailing list to be notified of the release of new editions of the AIM Magazine?

An AIM Magazine Mailing List is something that is currently in the pipeline and when it is up and running details of it will be listed on this AIM website - so watch this space!!   In the meantime each monthly edition of the magazine will be uploaded to the AIM website on the 1st of the month – so why not bookmark the AIM website today?

It is also worth noting that the AIM Association is also much more than just a FREE magazine.  The website as a whole is constantly updated with a variety of information including, Show news & dates, as well as the new look AIM members' Directory that is packed with further details about the talented artisans, who together form the AIM Association.So bookmark the AIM website and check back regularly throughout the month so that you don’t miss a single thing!!!!.

How long will the current issue of the AIM magazine be available to read?

Firstly, may we reassure you that the magazine is not going anywhere and as such, readers will constantly be able to view the magazine via the AIM site, so downloading it before it is 'gone' is simply not something to worry about!

Future issues of the magazine will instead sit side by side with new editions in their very own new ‘AIM Magazine Archive’ creating an informal yet traditional 'online' library of past issues... This will enable readers to enjoy all of AIM's publications, not only for FREE but for as long as they want them!

PLEASE NOTE -  The AIM magazine’s content is for private use only and it must  not be reproduced in part or in full for  commercial gain in any form. Each artisan contributor is responsible for their own work / contribution to the AIM magazine and retain full responsibility for their published work.   By downloading, storing, saving or re printing the magazine either in part of in full you hereby aggree to these conditions of copyright.  

If you still have problems with accessing the magazine, you could check to see whether there are any updates available for your browser or operating system. Also check your internet settings to see if you have disabled the download function.
Sometimes virus checkers and/or firewalls prevent downloads so it's worth checking your settings there too, to allow the download from our site.

We hope this helps.