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Fairs & Events…


Kensington Dollshouse Festival 

Thame Dolls House & Miniatures Fair, to help raise funds for Breast Cancer Campaign. 

Doreen Jeffries - Leeds & Stafford

Warners – York

Tom Bishop - Chicago & Lords

MGM Fairs


The Dolls House Magazine

Dolls House & Miniature Scene

Dolls House World

Dollhouse Miniatures or

American Miniaturist 


General Interest Sites…

Pendon Museum

Dolls House Info

World in Miniature: 'A World in Miniature museum is one of the top three collections of 1/12 scale miniatures in the world and is based in one of the most beautiful areas of the UK, just on the English/Scottish borders and around 30 minutes drive from the Lake district. With over 50 tiny room sets and remarkable copies of famous antique furniture and paintings, together with everyday items at sizes you just won't believe, the museum is sure to thrill and delight collectors and the curious alike'.


The Tiny Times


Online Miniaturist Clubs & Groups…

The  MINIATURE BEEHIVE - Welcome to a Petite Properties' online club created as  fun meeting place for miniature DIY enthusiast to share tips, ideas and techniques. 

So whatever miniature project you are working on - whether it's bringing to life your own Petite Property interior,  working on the projects or room boxes featured in Bea's [Fiona Broadwood's] 'how to books'or something completely different - why not join us and have the opportunity to help establish a new approach to miniature DIY.    Join us today - what have you got to lose =0)  Membership required -

D.A.M.E. -  Dolls House and Miniature Enthusiasts, Northern Ireland - This association of miniature clubs was founded in 1996 and is a group of enthusiastic dolls house and miniature collectors & creators who meet regularly at a number of venues throughout Northern Ireland.

Edinburgh Dollshouse Club

The Aire Valley Dolls House Club

Minis 4 all - Dolls House & Miniatures information website

 V.A.M.E. - Victorian Association Miniature Enthusiasts: Operating in Victoria, Australia, VAME promotes sharing and non-competitive interaction amongst people interested in dollhouses and miniatures


Mayenne Miniatures Masterclasses - an extensive programme of residential workshops run by international miniature artisans, at a newly opened holiday venue in Northern France - 


Historical Reference Sites…

Dolls House Discovery source information

Historic Food  Fashion tips and advice from Victorian to present day  

Websites for Professional Miniaturists… 

**Worldwide Association**

ARTISANS IN MINIATURE - An Association for the 'Professional Artisan'  Artisans in Miniature: an online group designed to meet the needs of professionals who create scale miniatures using any medium. Created as a haven for artistic temperaments needing a place to let of steam or discuss ideas with like minded people. Limited Membership is both available and required -  


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