Pearce Miniatures

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Pearce Miniatures by Era Pearce

My name is Era Anderson Pearce and I share ownership of “Pearce Miniatures” with my husband Robert.  Plants and flowers have been a lifelong love of mine and until leaving Virginia and retiring to Arizona in 2003, I owned and operated my own greenhouse.  In the past I served as Assistant Director of Horticultural Education for the Norfolk Botanical Society at the Norfolk, Virginia Botanical Gardens.  I have been a miniaturist for over thirty years, specializing in scale plants and flowers for the last twelve.

In May of 2005 I was selected by jury for Artisan status, category of Plants and Flowers, in the International Guild of Miniature Artisans. In October of 2007 I was awarded IGMA Fellow status.  My work has appeared in all major miniature magazines and can be found in private collections and museums worldwide. 

In 2006 I accepted a three year commission to landscape the John Bellemy House for the new “Mini Time Machine Museum”, a new state of the art museum in Tucson, Arizona.  The Bellemy house is a one twelfth scale replica of an actual 1800’s Victorian mansion in New England.   

I currently teach classes and hold workshops at several major miniature shows nation wide.

In creating my work I use only the best materials available, most of which are imported from Japan.  Each piece is thoroughly researched and each new design is my own original work.  Although you will find ordinary houseplants and garden flowers among the pieces on my web site, my specialty is rare, unique and unusual plants.  I create all tropical species including Orchids, desert plants such as Cactus and Succulents, carnivorous “bog” gardens, water gardens and terrariums or “bottle” gardens.  Each floral arrangement, water and bog garden, terrarium or cacti-succulent garden is a one of a kind creation.  Each component is hand painted and exquisitely detailed to recreate nature as closely as possible, frequently even showing age or weather damage.  I have been known to use a wide variety of mediums to complete complex pieces.  It is my belief that when it comes to scale miniatures that perfection is secondary only to the art of illusion.

Also on our website you will find over 150 hand created smaller scale accessories.

Contact info:

Era Anderson Pearce, IGMA Fellow

Pearce Miniatures

233 N. Val Vista Dr.  #436

Mesa, Arizona  85213