Marianne Cook

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Flowers and Plants by Marianne Cook

When my husband took early retirement and we moved to Wales, I didn't feel ready to retire myself. I'd always drawn and painted and crafted, and had time now to follow these interests in earnest. I spent four years studying for a degree in fine art, and exhibited with some success until the recession hit and sales fell off. Then, despite having previously been somewhat scathing about my aunt and cousins' rather bizarre hobby, I was bitten by the miniature bug.


The upshot is, I'm a relative newcomer to the miniature world and not a little surprised and encouraged to find myself here, in company with so many hugely talented and experienced miniaturists.


Like most people, my first dollhouse was 1/12th scale, and alas, it is still only half finished, as first other scales tempted, and then I discovered what I enjoyed doing most - making tiny plants and flowers. It shouldn't have come as a surprise because flowers were always a favourite subject for painting, and making them in miniature uses a lot of the skills learnt at Art College, not least of which was learning to look.

I prefer generally to make the sort of flowers and plants that are in my garden, rather than perfect florist blooms. I want them to look as if they are growing or have just been cut, which means they are not florist-perfect (especially not from my garden!) The pot may be cracked or mossy and even have a weed growing alongside it... Some flowers may be overblown, or not yet open... A leaf or two may be blemished... and so on.

I spend a lot of time studying real life examples, photographs images from the net, and try to make mine naturalistic and informal, using chiefly papers coloured with artist quality paints and florist wire.

Just over a year ago I added a miniatures section to my website and opened an Etsy shop - Marianne26. I sell mostly plants and flowers, of course, mostly in 1/12th scale, but sometimes in 1/24th and 1/48th, and occasionally miniature paintings and needlework items too. If you like something on the website, or among the Etsy sold items, or if you are thinking of a flower not pictured there, we can work together. I am always open to new ideas and can often make items to order. Please contact me via email or the Etsy shop.



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