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MiniAcquoline by Natalia Antonelli


My name's Natalia, I'm 24 and I'm from Italy.

I have a big passion: 1:12 dollhouse miniatures. I remember when I was a child my parents used to build dollhouses and room boxes and played with me with polymer clay, teaching me how to make realistic food miniatures.


After some practice and some years, I've recently decided to sell my own miniatures, my "MiniAcquoline" on Etsy. I've chosen this name, "MiniAcquoline", because it is the italian for "mini food which makes everybody's mouth water", and this is exactly what I hope my food miniatures will do!

I love all kind of food miniatures and dollhouse miniatures, but since I'm italian I now mainly focus my work on Italian food, pastry, traditional tables and holiday tables like Halloween, Christmas, autumn, summer, party tables, because they're very funny to make.

All the food miniatures I sell are handmade, except for some supplies I have do buy. But I also produce the wooden tables and boards, miniature paper books and some plastic cups I put on my tables.

I like talking with my customers and satisfy their requests and commissions, even if I have to say each item I make is a OOAK, which means two items can be really similar, almost identical, but not perfect copies. However, I always try my best and I don't like low quality works.

I hope my hobby will soon become a full-time job!

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