Mini Era Studio

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Mini Era Studio by Annie Mok

My name is Annie Mok from Hong Kong.

I was a certified clay flower instructor for 14 years , but I devoted to dollhouse and miniatures when I came across the DIY dollhouse 10 years ago. An inner desire of creating miniatures was then discovered. I created furniture, walls, floor and other items with different kinds of clay, and moved onto creating 1:12 miniature food and flowers, and then everything that existed in my imagination.

I love roses and flowers, the inspiration of my floral miniature projects comes from my gardens. With the practice of still life painting and the skill of clay crafting, I can express my feelings freely.

Since Hong Kong is known as the “food paradise”, many of my miniature projects are covered of special delicacies of the eastern and western styles, and they even will act as a model to recall our old history of food culture.

Shortly, my webpage and Mini Era Studio was founded in 2004 with the goal of expanding and expressing my passions for miniature with others. Mini Era Studio is the place where I teach miniature art and I am benefited from teaching. It gives me opportunities to meet miniature lovers from different countries and of different backgrounds. Through the exchange with them and appreciation of their artworks, my artistic journey is brightened and my life is enriched.

It is a happy thing when we can find a hobby in our busy daily life. Making miniatures can refine our temperament, and also is a good way to reduce our pressure. It is my desire to promote miniature art by teaching, to let you know how to appreciate the beautiful things around us. I hope we can integrate art into our daily life, with a view to bringing this positive energy to the people we love.

I have published three books of “The Art of Miniature”, book one is about dollhouse & miniatures, book 2 is of east meets west delicacies. The third book of the Floral World is the integration of arts and my passion for flowers.

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