Williamson Walton Marble

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Williamson Walton Marble by Nicole Walton Marble

'Williamson Walton Marble' is Judee Williamson and Nicole Walton Marble working together to make fine miniatures. Judee has been active in miniatures for close to 40 years, and is known as America's finest fabric master. She has 3 video tapes and a book, 'Judee's Beds' to her credit, has taught the canopy bed (and many other projects) to generations of students in the U.S. and on the MiniCruise.

Nicole Walton Marble focuses on woodwork, starting in the 1970's with Windsor chairs, both American and English styles. After joining forces with Judee Williamson, she was able to work on upholstered American and European pieces. The pair also have created several roomboxes now residing in various miniature museums in the U.S. and Great Britain, as well as contributing many of the pieces to the well known 'Pistner House' in Florida.Williamson Walton Marble exhibits at about 4 shows a year and teaches at several venues a year.  They welcome custom orders. And can be reached at http://www.williamson-walton-marble.com