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>^..^< SallyCat Miniatures >^..^<

I blame my mother!  She scratch built me a dolls house 55 years ago; it had a roof garden and a lift operated by some sort of Meccano.  I loved it and for a while kept my pet mice in it... too much Beatrix Potter and “The two Bad Mice” perhaps ... ah well. Time passes. It is long gone now but I never lost the intrigue of miniatures.  Since retiring from what seems like several centuries in secondary school classrooms teaching English I have been able to indulge my love of 12th scale.

Having built the enormous Preston Manor (still to be finished) I now make vignettes, shadow and room boxes to order as well as for pleasure.  I do dressed furniture for imaginary characters or a real person to commission. I like to personalise my work for the recipient and have some happy memories of seeing the expressions on faces when all is revealed.  Some of these pieces are decidedly quirky such as my winged prams! Being a proud member of DAME, AIM and the GSOLFOT club has brought me together with those who understand the wilder side of our craft.

Each of my pieces is done in consultation with the commissioner although I do have a few generic pieces that can be customized.

I have exhibited at Pudsey, Chatham, and Miniatura.