Sarah Maloney of The Dollshouse Kitchen...

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Sarah Maloney of The Dollshouse Kitchen...

My name is Sarah Maloney I am based in the UK and have been making 12th scale miniature food for 6 years now. Finally last October I took the leap and resigned from my part-time job so that I could create miniature food full time. I have also undertaken commissions in 1/6th and 1/4th scale which was very strange at first as everything just seemed way too big.

This July I launched my new website where I now sell my bespoke items of food, 

I am also a member of Custom Dollhouse Miniatures and have a gallery there




I have always been interested in dollhouses and had several when I was a little girl. The sort a not very competent Uncle or Grandad manages to muster up. Well   after visiting the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green UK and seeing all those beautiful Victorian dollhouses – which incidentally put mine to shame- I decided that one day I would own something similar.

Eventually in 2004 (in my 36th year) I purchased my first and only grown up dollhouse. It was while I was on holiday (I worked in a school and had a 6 week summer break) that the polymer clay food bug bit me. I thought I would have a go at making some food for the house that was 6 years ago.