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My name is Dawn O'Carroll and I specialise in Miniature Jewellery.

My items are all 1/12th scale and include tiaras, rings in a box, boxed jewellery, jewellery boxes, complete shops, small units, designer jewellery, designer handbags, perfume bottles, perfume trays and much more. Commissions Welcome!         

            I have been making miniatures for 12 years and have slowly progressed to concentrate on jewellery. I never had, but always wanted, a dolls house as a young girl. So, as an adult, when I received one for a birthday present in the form of a kit, I set about building it and soon got hooked on the wonderful world of miniatures. A few years down the line and a lot of hard work later, that dolls house was stolen from a garage where it was temporarily stored while I moved house. I was devastated, but my family soon got involved and before long, they too had dolls houses and that is how I got started.  


Contact No: 07971138681

Above is a Box of Jewellery, below are some Jewelled Combs.

Photo on the Directory is of a Wedding shop display.