Kathy Brindle

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Kathy Brindle - Miniature Artistry

I live in western Australia and have spent the last 25 years making and selling miniatures.  Most of my sales and workshops that I do are Flowers.  Made from hand painted paper.  Each flower is researched  and particularly the colour for leaves.  In the last 3 years I have written 3 books on flower making which sets out a simple way to produce flowers, on each page is a copy of either the leaf or the petal, which allows the reader to buy the right size punch.

Other miniatures I make are luggage.  My 3rd book has instructions for a suitcase on wheels.  There is also a back pack to make up as well.  Both of these open and shut.  Also I make and sell Golf bags in 1/12 scale.

Contact details

Kathy Brindle
43 Burleigh Drive
Australind 6233
Western Australia

Telephone  61 8 9725 9147

email: kbrindle@dodo.com.au