KJ Dolls Houses

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KJ Dolls Houses by Kevin Jackson

About 14 months ago I was forced to take early retirement from the building trade, due to arthritis in my lower joints, which also resulted in me not being able to play golf anymore. After a few weeks of sitting around and getting bored, I decided to resurrect what use to be a hobby for me some 15 years ago, and start building bespoke hand crafted Tudor dolls houses again.

I had spent the last 20 years building show houses for the Daily Mail at the Ideal Home Show in Earls Court and the SECC in Glasgow, as well as houses for the BBC at the NEC for the BBC Good Homes Show, during which time I have built more than 120 houses for most of the major house builders in the country, to the highest possible standards, and am now trying to bring the same high standards to my dolls houses.

I have recently launched my website, www.kjdollshouses.co.uk, and although I always have several completed houses for sale on the site, I would like to concentrate on building commissioned houses, to meet the specific requirements of the customers ordering them.

Every house I build is built with the same attention to detail and quality, that I would do if I were building each one for my wife to keep, and she is very demanding.

I only use the highest quality materials, and all of the wood I use for beams and floor boards etc, is solid timber, and not, as I have noticed with so many other builders, plywood or balsa.

All of the houses are accessed via lift off front and side panels, and even the insides of each lift off panel is completely finished, as opposed to others that are usually left unfinished.

Each house comes complete with lighting, which is wired floor by floor, back to a 12 way fused plug strip, and transformer. This means that you can turn the lights on in all, or none of the floors at any one time, or any combination you wish, and with 8 spare sockets left in the plug strip additional lighting can be easily added if required.

Please browse my website for more detailed information regarding the details and features included in my houses.

Contact Details:

Web site - www.kjdollshouses.co.uk

Email - kjbc@hotmail.co.uk